Condominium moving checklist – Part 4 – furniture, appliance, and packing

What needs to be checked when moving to a condominium? Treasure at Tampines share with you the checklist in this series of articles.

If you are leasing a furnished unit, make sure everything works

The previous pieces of advice applied to purchases. In this context, you need to also focus on the furniture and appliances the furnished unit comes with. Don’t automatically assume that if there’s a fridge there that it’s working 100%.

Not only should you pay attention to its cooling properties, but you also have to make sure that it freezes to ice. That will tell you everything you need to know about its ability to freeze whatever food you put in that part of the fridge.

The same applies to washers and dryers and other major appliances. If there is a TV, turn it on and scroll through the different options and see if everything is okay. Also, ask about how wired the unit is for the internet.

The same applies to all the toilet fixtures and bathroom items. With a little bit of preparation and knowing what to look for, you increase the chances that your condo moving experience would be a pleasant one indeed.

Touch base with Moving Companies in advance

There are many moving companies in Singapore, be it small or big ones. Of course you can use your friends’ recommended company, but another option is to get three quotes from professional movers in Singapore.

Most of them will provide a transparent lum-sum quotes. It is always better to clarify what is included in the move and what is not included.

3 things to look out for

  • Understand how they charge

Some movers charge based on hourly rate. Some uses per trip rate or per truck rate. You can also find some movers quote based on moving volumes.

  • Any extra charges present (stairs, distance, time of day, express service, repacking)

If you live on a floor without lift, be sure to ask movers if there is extra charge. Not surprising, usually there will be additional cost because of extra efforts.

  • Any insurance to deal with potential property loss or damage

It’s really unfortunate if something were broken during the moving. If this is not covered by insurance, there will be dispute over the moving. Do clarify this point with moving companies.

Hope this article shared by Treasure at Tampines, will get you prepared when moving to a condominium.