Condominium moving checklist – Part 2 – Check electric outlets, lights, and switches

What needs to be checked when moving to a condominium? Treasure at Tampines share with you the checklist in this series of articles.

Check whether all electric outlets and lights and switches are operational

I know this is a pain and it seems like you’re nitpicking. But the last thing that you want is to hassle the property manager the moment you move in. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens when people don’t bother to play around with the lights and switches of their new place.

It may well turn out that some electrical issues need to be addressed before you move in. This is where the building’s superintendent comes in. You do have access to people with the know-how to fix stuff around your unit.

The big challenge is, you may only become aware of this right after you move in. Not only are you frazzled by the moving process, but now you have all these electrical issues to worry about. Do yourself a big favor. Avoid that unnecessary stress by checking all electrical fixtures like lights and switches before you move in.

Look at the property handover checklist once again

Make no mistake. When you are signing on the dotted line to buy a condo unit, you probably are just so pumped up about acquiring this property in Singapore. The problem is you have to treat it like you would any important purchase.

For example, if you’re buying a car, you probably would check the interior, open the hood, check the engine, and possibly even kick the tires. The key is to get an appreciation of what could go wrong or what needs improvement or fixing.

Unfortunately, a lot of new homeowners in Singapore are just focused on the legalities of buying the property. As important as that may be, you also have to go through the property turnover checklist. Make sure it’s accurate.

Are there any signs of insects? Is there any damage you may not have seen when you were initially shown the property? Are there any features that may have changed? Maybe some fixtures got taken out or replaced. There are just so many things that could be a cause of concern.

Hope this article shared by Treasure at Tampines, will get you prepared when moving to a condominium.