Condominium moving checklist – Part 1 – Check the place

What needs to be checked when moving to a condominium? Treasure at Tampines share with you the checklist in this series of articles.

Now that you have bought a place in Singapore, it’s very easy to see why you’re excited. Maybe you’re an expatriate moving from middle America or Europe to Southeast Asia. You’re thinking of the great food, friendly people, local sights, and sounds. You definitely will have a great experience ahead of you.

Something important will fall between the cracks without planning of moving checklist

But as awesome as this transition may be for a lot of people, this is also the time where people get in trouble. If you don’t put in a lot of time in planning your move, chances are something important will fall between the cracks.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve stayed in Singapore. It doesn’t matter how often you stayed at long-term hotels or motels. This is going to be different because you are going to be residing in Singapore.

Maybe your home is located halfway around the world or somewhere closer to Asia. Regardless of proximity, you cannot overlook the following tips on how to properly move into your new condominium unit.

Check out the place before you move in

A lot of new property owners forget to do this. They automatically assume that the unit they’re going to move into is going to look exactly the way it looked when they were being shown the property. If only things were that simple.

Chances are you looked at a model unit and that the actual unit was either unavailable or still being built. In many cases, you’re going by the assumptions and expectations that you formed when you were checking out the model unit or the unit that was shown to you.

Keep in mind that there might be some disconnect there. The mental image that you have may be quite different from reality. So, before you move in, check out the place. This way, you can then properly map out where everything will go accordingly.

Once you move in, you will know where to put furniture, how to arrange the space and other key strategic interior design decisions.

Hope this article shared by Treasure at Tampines, will get you prepared when moving to a condominium.